Roberta will be vending at all of the upcoming Healing Arts Fairs.
Artists/Healers for a vendor application email:
To shop for products online go to:
In addition to herbal products, Roberta also has crystals and wheat weavings for sale.

Energy Mists
Herbal Skin Care Products

Wheat Weavings

Sherryl will offer sound balancing sessions at the July 11 healing arts fair.
Energy Works Studio

Sherryl is a Light Worker & Sound Balancing Therapist, offering both Private & Remote Sessions in the Melchizedek Healing Method & Tuning Forks. Sherryl teaches workshops in Sound Balancing w/Tuning Forks to practitioners that wish to incorporate this into their own practices.  She also offers Mini Clinics monthly at Wellness Centers, Yoga Studio's, Fairs & Expo's.

Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks

Sound balancing tools have been around since the 1600's used for healing along with magnets. They clear the Aura/Etheric field of old built up energy vibrations from traumas, challenges that have left a heavy (ripple/static) vibration in the field.  These heavy vibrations hold us back from our goals, accomplishments, productivity.  We remove these dense, ripples of energy bringing the body's field into entrainment or harmony.

Kristin will be offering energy healing sessions at the July 11th healing arts fair.
Kristin Robinson is a Licensed Holistic Massage Therapist, Master Reflexologist, Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner.

Grateful Spirit Healing of Newburyport offers customized holistic healing sessions, handcrafted organic and vegan aromatherapy products, and spiritual gifts.

Kristin Robinson will be offering energy healing sessions, along with beautifully decorated vases full of fresh cut flowers, and her hand painted gratitude affirmation stones.

Greg will be offering sound healing sessions at the July 11th healing arts fair. He will also have handmade instruments for sale. Ryan Nolan of "Rhiza Botanicals" will be vending with Greg and will be selling crystals and herbs. 

Greg is offering a talk"Introduction to Sound Healing" (using Native instruments as healing tools) and Ryan is offering a talk on "Permaculture for Everyday Living". Times will be posted at the fair. 

Theta Therapeutics

Greg Sheridan is a sound healer and energy worker. In his practice “Theta Therapeutics” Greg utilizes the sound vibration of a variety of instruments for healing purposes, including a hoop drum, small cymbals, Native American flute, didgeridoo, singing bowls, and chanting. Through the use of sound, he reads each individual’s energy, and how best to assist in his/her healing process.  People many times experience a clearing, balance, and deep relaxation. Greg will also have handmade instruments for sale. 

Cori will be selling her original art, prints and cards on 5/9, 7/11, 10/10, and 11/14

Cori Caputo

Irine will be doing readings every month from Feb through Nov.

Irine Chiu
Irine has been an empath all her life.  She is also clairaudient and clairvoyant.

She offers Angelic Guidance and Mediumship readings through direct channeling and automatic writing. Her mediumship readings are especially helpful to those who desire to reconnect with their departed loved ones.

Irine is available for private consultations at her offices in Natick and Wellesley and may be reached through her website and at 617-418-1147.

Jessica Marrocco

Jessica will offer readings and will be selling her books at the July 11th Healing Arts Fair. Jessica is also offering a talk "Introduction to Psychic Awareness (Tuning into your Telepathic Abilities) Times will be posted at the fair.

  • Psychic /Intuitive /medium
  • Certified Past Life Regressionist
  • Certified Akashic Record Reader
  • Tarot
  • Tea leaf/Scryer
  • Certified Lemurian Healer
  • Fae Journeyer/shamanic drum
  • Teacher/Life Coach
  • New Life Endeavors: Meditation Journey classes
  • Published Author and storyteller for children and adults 

Many people are searching for answers in their personal lives. Our life experiences are as unique to us as our own personal blue print or DNA. We all have the opportunity to make our lives better and more satisfying. There are many ways to find the answers to your questions. My readings provide one avenue to achieve this goal. Feel free to ask the questions of what may be blocking you from experiencing a more fulfilling life. Break through the unnecessary confusion and questions about your present life purpose.  As an intuitive, I would like to share my gifts of seeing to help you find your answers. 

Once in a Blue Moon Reiki

Ginamarie will offer reiki sessions at the July 11th healing arts fair.

            Ginamarie Talford is a Reiki Master Healer.

            In addition to her Reiki practice with people and animals, she creates a variety of healing herb and gemstones pouches, sage smudge sticks with shells and meditation/prayer beads.

John Crowley of HerbSense will offer reiki sessions, herbal consults, and his own line of herbal products, as well as custom blends at the August 8th healing arts fair. He may be reached by email at:
Making sense with herbal wellness.

John Crowley is a practicing Herbalist, Aroma Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.  At the Healing Arts Fair he will be offering Reiki Healing sessions, mini herbal consults and will make you a custom essential oil blend.  In addition he will be offering flower essence products, herbal teas, infused oils, “therapeutic grade” essential oils and more.  You can order custom blended teas, flower essences and essential oils to address specific issues and conditions. John can be contacted by e-mail at