Beautiful saris donated by Indian women of means are sold at the healing arts fair. All the proceeds are given to Child Haven International to benefit the women and children of India who are supported through the many programs started and run by Child Haven International.

Roberta will be vending at all of the upcoming Healing Arts Fairs.
Artists/Healers for a vendor application go to

In addition to herbal products, Roberta now has crystals and wheat weavings available for sale. 

About Roberta’s Herbs

“Roberta’s Herbs” is an herbal  products business that began in my home and garden in 1989.

Calendula Flowers
My study of medicinal plants, and love of gardening led me to create an herbal product line using healing herbs and natural ingredients.

Quality creams, salves, oils and sprays are made in small batches to ensure freshness.

Only organically grown, medicinal plants, harvested at their peak are used in product preparation.

I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I enjoy making them!

                      Chakra Mists and Chakra Oils

Herbal Skin Care Products

Herbal Pain Care Products
St. John's Wort oil & Calendula oil brewing in the garden.

Wendy will offer readings and healing sessions from Feb through Nov at the healing arts fair.

Wendy Fletcher is an Intuitive Healer, Channel and Spiritual Teacher.

Her work involves scanning your energy field, picking up messages from your guides & Higher Self, letting her know how best to assist you on the next part of your journey.

Irine will be doing readings every month from Feb through Nov.

About Irine Chiu
Irine has been an empath all her life.  She is also clairaudient and clairvoyant.

She offers Angelic Guidance and Mediumship readings through direct channeling and automatic writing. Her mediumship readings are especially helpful to those who desire to reconnect with their departed loved ones.

Irine is available for private consultations at her offices in Natick and Wellesley and may be reached through her website and at 617-418-1147.

Jessica Marrocco

Jessica will offer readings and will be selling her books at the 9/6, 10/4, & 11/1 Healing Arts Fair.

  • Psychic /Intuitive /medium
  • Certified Past Life Regressionist
  • Certified Akashic Record Reader
  • Tarot
  • Tea leaf/Scryer
  • Certified Lemurian Healer
  • Fae Journeyer/shamanic drum
  • Teacher/Life Coach
  • New Life Endeavors: Meditation Journey classes
  • Published Author and storyteller for children and adults 

Many people are searching for answers in their personal lives. Our life experiences are as unique to us as our own personal blue print or DNA. We all have the opportunity to make our lives better and more satisfying. There are many ways to find the answers to your questions. My readings provide one avenue to achieve this goal. Feel free to ask the questions of what may be blocking you from experiencing a more fulfilling life. Break through the unnecessary confusion and questions about your present life purpose.  As an intuitive, I would like to share my gifts of seeing to help you find your answers. 

I Am The Flame Candles will be for sale at the Sept. 6 & Oct. 4, & Nov. 1 Healing Arts Fair.
I Am The Flame Candles

I am the flame candles are made under the guidance of Spiritual Masters. Each is hand-made and blessed through prayer and meditation to provide you with the healing energy of the Chakra System.Each hand-crafted candle is made with all natural products and specially devoted to a specific healing energy so that when it is burned it will provide the believe with a balancing force to conquer negative energy that may creep in and began to consume our emotions, physical wellbeing and mental outlook. By burning the candles while meditating and seeking the healing energy through these candles the Master will unveil your limitations and enlighten your directions to true healing.

John Crowley of HerbSense will offer reiki sessions, herbal consults, and his own line of herbal products, as well as custom blends at the 2/1, 3/1 and 4/12, and 5/10, 6/14, and 7/12, 9/6, & 10/4  & 11/1 healing arts fairs.He may be reached by email at:
Making sense with herbal wellness.

John Crowley is a practicing Herbalist, Aroma Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.  At the Healing Arts Fair he will be offering Reiki Healing sessions, mini herbal consults and will make you a custom essential oil blend.  In addition he will be offering flower essence products, herbal teas, infused oils, “therapeutic grade” essential oils and more.  You can order custom blended teas, flower essences and essential oils to address specific issues and conditions. John can be contacted by e-mail at
Herbalism is the art and science of using plants or herbal substances to return your body and overall being to balance.
Our ancestors have used plants for food and medicine for as long as we are aware. The famous ancient Greek physician and philosopher Hippocrates, who lived around 400 b.c. said:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Our bodies have evolved together with plants from the start. Until a few years ago we mostly consumed unprocessed or gently processed organically grown plants and herbs. We primarily used food and herbs for medicine. The natural co-evolution that plants and people have gone through over thousands of years gives herbs an advantage in restoring strength, balance and well being.

With proper lifestyle changes and the smart use of herbs, the root cause of imbalance can be addressed. I educate my clients around diet and lifestyle. I then guide them with the use of herbal and other natural products to obtain balance and wellbeing.

Sometimes psycho-spiritual issues can cause blocks and stress which in turn impede our well being. These issues can often be addressed using Aroma Therapy, Flower Essences and Energy Work such as Reiki.

Reiki is a healing art form that originated in Japan and was brought to the west by Dr. Mikao Usui, who founded the Usui System of Reiki.  Reiki involves the channeling of energy through intention with hand placement for the purposes of stress reduction and healing.

Aroma Therapy is a healing art that uses the essential oils extracted from various plant materials.  Through inhaling, and absorbing through the lung tissue or skin a therapeutic effect can take place. Mental, emotional, and physical imbalances can be evened out.

Essential oils possess many desirable properties such as antimicrobial,
anti-depressive, energizing, calming and grounding.  The list goes on. Each essential oil has many properties beyond those which are commonly listed.  Aroma Therapy is currently being used in many European hospitals and in some US hospitals.

Essential oils are powerful and care must be taken with their use.  If you are not well versed in their use and application you should consult a trained Aroma Therapist.

Flower essences work on an energetic level by capturing the vibrational essence of the plant they are made from. In a subtle and nuanced way they can heighten our personal awareness around emotions, thoughts and behaviors.  Through this new awareness we can move forward with greater ease.  Flower essences work well alone but when combined with herbal and other types of therapies it can be a powerful augmentation.

 JB Designs will be vending on Nov. 1st.


Titanium Quartz
In April, 2014, JB Designs introduced their new energy-infused line of precious gem-stone jewelry which is designed and hand-made in New Hampshire.

“Positive  Expressions”  designs are enhanced with “Gemstone Infusions” sprays, and are Reiki balanced with universal healing energy.

All of our designs will empower and enhance every individual who owns and wears our jewelry.
Aqua Aura 
Clear Quartz

Reverend Pat will offer Tarot readings at the Oct. 4th, and Nov. 1st Healing Arts Fair

Reverend Patricia Mayo
My interest in Tarot comes from a longing for understanding. Chronic bouts with serious illness and an early recognition of suffering and mortality set me on the “Seeker’s path. The journey included literal travel, living overseas for six years including several months of study in India. My primary interests are those traditions of long-standing use and reputation. Those studies included astrology, numerology and the world’s religious traditions. I received ordination as an Interfaith Minister at All Faiths Seminary in NYC in 2001.

Forty years of study and practice have resulted in my experience of the 22 Tarot Major Arcana as a “sacred text’. Similar to the written wisdom traditions of the world, except the message is recorded in pictures rather than words. These archetypal images convey a series of life principles that can offer support in making informed decisions. Tarot guides us to greater wholeness and happiness by offering lessons to empower each individual in ways appropriate to current experiences and future hopes.
The Tarot symbols utilize several wisdom systems to help create understanding that can empower life-affirming choices. A reading goes into each card in depth to enlighten your “now” and inform you about how to approach current issues. Often suggestions are made for meditations or homework to do after the reading.

Dee Furciniti will offer foot reflexology sessions at the 3/1, 4/12, 5/10 & 11/1 healing arts fair.

Thirteen Moons Jewelry will be vending at the April 12th, May 10th & June 14th,  and Oct. 4th Healing Arts Fair.

Pam will be vending at the Nov. 1 healing arts fair.

Pam Older Designs

Thirteen Moons Jewelry

Linda Collyer creates healing jewelry from a wide selection of high vibrational gemstones and metals. She is also represents fine jewelry and clothing artists, providing an amazing selection of styles and stones and fabrics. The chenille shawls she has available are hand-woven in New Mexico, are perfect for any season and come in a variety of rich colors. Her jewelry includes some unusual and very desirable stones such as moldavite, Gaia stone, angelite, tanzanite, blue obsidian, watermelon tourmaline, to name of few. And of course she has beautiful pieces with stones we all know and love like rose quartz, amethyst, moonstone, garnet, etc.

Dr. Tammy Gampel will be available for consultation at the June 14th & Aug. 9th Healing Arts Fair.

The Vitality Center

“Gentle Care, Powerful Results”

Dr. Tammy Gampel

Mission Statement:

Utilizing Network Chiropractic, Nutrition Response Testing and Therapeutic Massage to create strategies in the individual for greater human resourcefulness, development and evolution for a more creative, compassionate and aware humanity and a sustainable global community.
111 Water Street
2nd floor, room 1
Exeter NH 03833

Stacey Smith and Robert Menard will be vending at the August 9th Healing Arts Fair.

Dreamscape Inspirations

by Andrea Riggillo-Masia

Andrea creates miniature dream houses to order for people who would like a replica of their home, business, or special place. Several of these will be on display and for sale at the August 9th Healing Arts Fair.

Amethyst Angels will be selling their healing jewelry at the 5/10, 6/14, & 7/12 Healing Arts Fair.

Amethyst Angels Jewelry

Amethyst Angels Jewelry is created by sisters Liz O'Toole and Abby Giotas.

We have been designing and creating healing crystal jewelry together since 2011.

Each piece is made with care and intention to bestow the wearer with physical and inner beauty.

Pam will offer cadence musical massage sessions at the June 14th, Healing Arts Fair.

Cadence Musical Massage

Pamela LaFrance

Massage for the mind and body!

The combination of relaxing physical vibration and soothing music is a dynamic method to trigger the natural healing mechanisms of our bodies.

Everyone is aware of the effect music has on moods and emotions and how it affects your physical well-being. A musical massage may be a way to help you feel better.

It is as simple as laying on a heated cushion of water, fully-clothed, while your body is gently massaged with musical vibrations that are carefully selected to help target your symptoms. Most treatments take only 30 minutes.

Music and gentle vibration have the power to help you with physical, emotional or spiritual issues.

My interest in sound has progressed from an extensive ultrasound background that took me from the manufacture and testing of ultrasound machines to the clinical use of ultrasound in the hospital environment. Using sound and transmitting it through water into the body to assist in the self-healing ability within each of us seemed a natural next step.

Deb will offer healing energy sessions at the June 14th Healing Arts Fair



                                   Deb DeMella RN, RPP, RYSE, Reiki Master

While you sit in a chair I open to the highest healing energy to come through.          
Dr Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, believed that we are a spirit in a physical body and as we allow for blocks to clear, the energy can flow more freely physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  This contributes to optimum health and wellness.

For this session today this looks like you are sitting comfortably in a chair. Possible hands on experience placement may include hands on your shoulders, back of neck,  sacrum and up spine, as well as to any areas of pain, discomfort or areas that need attention for clearing, relaxing or releasing blocks or tension. When this happens the relaxing experience radiates throughout the body, mind and spirit. As the body, mind and spirit come into balance and alignment healing is promoted. This generally brings the client to a peaceful, sacred space that transcends time.

Following this session you are encouraged to drink more water as the body may be eliminating toxins. People generally sleep well the night of session and wake feeling better, with more energy.

Todays sessions offer an abbreviated sample session which include elements of Polarity, Chakra clearing and Reiki:

Cost:   20 minutes for $20.00 

Dee Furciniti will offer foot reflexology sessions at the 3/1, 4/12, 5/10 healing arts fair.

good gaud designs specializes in creating unique accessories. our main focus is sterling silver and stone jewelry creations, but we have recently expanded into hand knit scarves and flower hair clips. this site is dedicated to being a gallery of our creations.

Good Gaud Designs will be vending at the April 12th healing arts fair.
Button Bracelets

Flower Hair Clips


Bee Fields Farm will be selling their handmade herbal healing products at the 4/12 and 7/12 healing arts fair. Caretakers of the land with products of integrity.
Bee Fields Farm

At Bee Fields Farm we work full-heartedly with the intention to create wholesome food and medicine. Because we believe that our hands are an extension of our hearts, we hand-craft all of our remedies.

During the summer, we harvest lush green leaves and flowers with all the colors of the rainbow.
Baskets overflowing with purple borage, yellow mullein, orange calendula and white chamomile are carried into the drying room. Once in the drying room, the herbs are weighed and gently laid on drying screens.

The awakening aroma of peppermint and holy basil, and the calming aroma of Calendula, sage, and chamomile fill the drying room. We strip and mix the herbs for our tea mixes with our hands in a big wooden tub. We macerate our herbs in oil, and leave the jars exposed to the sun during the day and the moon and planets during the night for fourteen days. We mix, pour and label our remedies by hand. We are sure that our remedies are potent, because we have touched and smelled them.
For us, handcrafting our medicine ensures that we do our work in a pace and atmosphere of deep reverence for the gifts of nature. We feel that by thriving to hold the soil, plants and remedies in our heart and hands, we provide you with our healing intentions.

Gemstone Infusions will be vending at the 4/12, and 7/12 Healing Arts Fair


My idea for Gemstone Infusions came after a period of years led me through an exciting spiritual journey. This journey took me down a path where my interactions with professionals in metaphysical practices grew and so did my desire to learn how to grow spiritually and intuitively as a person. I began working with semi-precious stones for their beauty and healing abilities in making jewelry. Additionally I started a monthly networking group of women held in my Maine home to share, grow and support any and all energy practices. Through these meetings I gathered inspiration to combine my work with gemstones into a product that would help others achieve positive vibrational fulfillment. In all I created Gemstone Infusions as an aid for people to find and reach their best possible self.


Michelle Brown among many things is an Intuitive Empath, Reiki II certified, wife, mother, business owner and world traveler. Since childhood she has experienced spiritual selectivity which has grown throughout her adult years into what is now her life work. Michelle has made her passion into a successful career, traveling and working with other professional energy workers and bringing alternative methods of healing to the forefront of conversation. 

Our Clear and Enlighten spray will do just that; clear negative energy and cleanse a space so that only the positive remains. This product has a gemstone infusion of spirit quartz and amethyst. Spirit quartz is known to work in the angelic realm while amethyst correlates with the 7th chakra or crown chakra. Pink himalayan salt and essential oil of sage are the core of the clearing phase. The essential oil of lavender enlightens an individual's crown chakra through the positive energy that remains within the sprayed realm.
Use when an individual wants to open their crown chakra to reach new spiritual heights while
  • meditating
  • chanting
  • practicing yoga 
  • clearing a general space; such as a place of work
  • benefits all personal practices of vibrational energy

Soothey Designs will be vending at the 5/10, and 9/6 Healing Arts Fairs.

Soothey Designs

Need relief from migraines, body aches, anxiety, insomnia, or pms? Surround yourself with the warmth or coolness of a Soothie product and let go as the aroma of Lavender, Mint, Citrus, Woodland, Patchouli or Dragons Blood whisk you away from your discomfort. Soothie products are designed with a weighted formula that promote the body to release serotonin and reduce stress.

We create a high quality product that elevates your health on a physical and emotional level using beautiful textiles, aromatherapy, Weight Application Therapy (WAT) and heat or cold application. 

Our items are covered in soothing and attractive fabrics that are not only lovely, but long lasting and machine washable. These covers are removeable and the inside organic items can be placed in the microwave to warm or in the freezer to chill. 
We use only natural materials and pure essential oils for our Sootheys, and they are designed and sewn in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Danielle Davis will be available to discuss ways to create a more energy efficient and healthy home at the 2/1, 4/12 Healing Arts Fair.

Home-Energy Solutions Company

Taking the Mystery out of Home Energy Efficiency and Solar Power
Next Step Living is the groundbreaking company on a mission to make it easy, affordable and rewarding for homeowners to implement energy-saving solutions.

Founded in Boston in 2008, the company is unique in offering a whole-home approach that helps homeowners:

  • Save energy and money
  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Live more comfortably

Information Resource and Service Provider.

one-stop resource for informed advice, expert workmanship and guidance about available incentives and rebates, Next Step Living partners with more than 400 municipalities, civic organizations and leading corporations to deliver energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Those solutions include:
  • Home energy evaluations
  • Weatherization work (air sealing and insulation)
  • Roofing and windows
  • Heating and cooling (ductless mini splits, HVAC systems)
  • Solar panel installation
Named to the Inc. 500 list of fast-growing companies, the 2013 Global Cleantech 100 and recognized by the New England Clean Energy Council as an employer of the year, Next Step Living has almost 800 employees in Massachusetts and Connecticut, where early in 2013 we opened our second office.

Artists and Healers below participated in 2013
Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord

Artist-created books to inspire the spirit. Names, words, and quotes of your choice in calligraphy while you watch.

I explore the mystery and beauty of the natural world and the power of words through calligraphy, bookmaking and most recently, digital compositions. After 25 years of making handmade books and teaching simple bookmaking, I have begun to create printed books. Art Lessons: Reflections From An Artist's Life is about my relationship to my work--what inspires me and keeps me going. Part personal story and part reflection, the book shares the hard-won truths I have learned: understanding the importance of patience, developing the critical eye, and making peace with the desire for perfection. The Wondrous Nearer Drew: Artwork Inspired by the Poetry of mily Dickinson and the Flowers of Massachusetts contains a series of kaleidoscopic images created from photographs and calligraphy. 
I'll also be showing a few sculptural books, from The Spirit Book Series. Inspired by how much I loved writing words and names as a volunteer calligrapher at the Lantern Festival, I'll write short quotes, names, and words of your choice while you watch.

SUSAN PARADIS worked as a high school art teacher for thirty years. She has illustrated over twenty books for children, four of which she authored. Susan was chosen as one of five American artists to participate in a three-year national tour of Fairy Tale Art for her book Snow Princess. Recently, she has been a guest artist at the Tuttle Gallery in Canton, Ohio and at the Sharpe Gallery in Kennebunk, Maine. She is available to speak at schools, book clubs, and teachers’ groups.

About Elissa

Elissa Al-Chokhachy
Elissa Al-Chokhachy, MA, RN, HPCN, FT,
is a graduate of New England Baptist Hospital School of Nursing and Boston College School of Nursing. She is the recipient of the 2011 American Red Cross Healthcare Hero Award, the Boston College Alumni Award for Excellence in Nursing, and the Dr. William B. Stevens Award for "The Nurse Who Enjoys Her Work the Most".
In 2009, Elissa received a Master’s of Art degree in Thanatology from Hood College where she completed graduate research on apnea in the terminally ill. She has worked as a hospice nurse, a private duty nurse and a health care counselor. Board certified in hospice and palliative care nursing, Elissa is also a fellow in thanatology: death, dying and bereavement.
With her life dedicated to bringing comfort, hope and healing, Elissa passionately cares for the dying and the bereaved.

Books by Elissa Al-Chokhachy

Miraculous Moments:
True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On

Cover: Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On
Miraculous Moments: True Stories Affirming That Life Goes On contains over eighty-eight first hand accounts of after death communication, nearing death awareness and near death experiences. Unexpected communication from deceased loved ones can bring hope and comfort to the dying and the bereaved. The memorable testimonials shared within Miraculous Moments provide invaluable reassurance that love and life are eternal.

Our Children Live On:
Miraculous Moments for the Bereaved

Cover: Our Children Live On: Miraculous Moments for the Bereaved
Our Children Live On is an uplifting collection of powerful, true stories that prove our beloved children are with us forever. These heartfelt, moving testimonials from parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and caregivers demonstrate that love and life are eternal. Anyone who has suffered the unimaginable loss of a loved one—especially a child—will find hope and comfort in these miraculous stories. The vivid dreams, visions, transcendent moments and unmistakable signs of a child’s undying love offer hope and reassurance that all those we love live on.

The Angel with the Golden Glow:
A Family's Journey Through Loss & Healing

The Angel with the Golden Glow: A Family’s Journey Through Loss & Healing was inspired by Elissa’s youngest hospice patient. This beautifully illustrated children’s book about an angel’s brief journey to earth was first published by The Penny Bear™ Company, Inc. Its reassuring message that love is eternal whether we are together or apart touches the hearts of many, especially those who have lost a child. The recipient of the silver Benjamin Franklin Award in the category of Metaphysics & Spirituality, The Angel with the Golden Glow serves as a valuable resource for families of the National Tay-Sach’s and Allied Diseases Association, Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy and SIDS, as well as other supportive organizations for bereaved families.

How Can I Help, Papa?
A Child's Journey Through Loss & Healing

How Can I Help, Papa? A Child’s Journey Through Loss & Healing, helps children facing the loss of a terminally ill loved one. In this tenderly illustrated children’s book, nine-year old Pumpkin discovers simple ways to help her grandfather who is ill, along with the importance of the power of presence. Pumpkin and Papa spend precious time together and talk about their feelings of love and loss. How Can I Help Papa?empowers children and the adults in their lives in a time of greatest need. Published in the United States by Works of Hope Publishing, it is also published in South Korea by the HyoRonWoKee Press.

My Handmade Selenite Jewelry
This jewelry is the perfect combination of my love for Selenite, my creativity & my energywork. Each piece of handmade jewelry is a unique work of art and is infused with Reiki Energy and my intentions for your peace, love, abundance and joy.
The benefits of wearing these stones (of ancient ocean water) are awesome: feeling lighter, having increased intuitive abilities, feeling clearer and being more focused.
Selenite vibrates at a very high frequency; it continuously clears negative energy and balances the elctromagnetic field of your body. It is also extremely beautiful and makes for some gorgeous jewelry!!

Selenite Stones

"I am so passionate about Selenite Crystals because I have experienced their beneficial properties for myself AND I have seen them work wonders on so many other people! I believe that every healer should have a large slab for their practice and every person should wear Selenite Jewelry!!
Selenite is the fastest and most powerful tool I have seen or felt in 13 years of my metaphysical practice. They powerfully open the 3rd eye, crown and upper chakras and are perfect for clearing blockages and releiving emotional stress and the pain it may cause. In these times of fast change, solar flares and earth imbalances, I deeply feel that using them is essential for quickly clearing & balancing your energy field." ~ Nicki
I use my large stones to clear food, beverages and rooms. I also use smaller ones around my bed to enhance my lucid dreams. I wear my jewelry nearly all the time!!

 Marilynn Carter

I have been working in health care since I was 15, am the mother of two daughters, and live with my husband in Dover, NH.

I am certified in the Usui System of Natural Healing as a Reiki Master and Teacher, as well as a Registered Karuna Reiki Master; certified in Magnified Healing as a Master Healer and Teacher; certified as a Shamballa Basic Master Healer and Teacher; a certified practitioner in Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) and also a certified Practitioner in Healing Touch, Level I. I have also taken classes in Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Chinese Medicine.

I am now offering Wholistic Health Coaching, Education and Guidance. I see adults and children in my private practice in Dover, NH, teach certified classes and offer workshops. I am also an independent practitioner associated with SeaCare Health Services of Portsmouth and Exeter, NH and Avis Goodwin Community Health Center, Dover, NH.

I have been a volunteer Practitioner for the Integrative Medicine Alliance (IMA) Mobile Care Clinic. I have been an activist for Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome (DAMS) and was one of the reviewers for the book: Powerful Body, Peaceful Mind; How to Heal Yourself with Foods, Herbs and Acupressure by Brian Benjamin Carter (no relation).

I am a member of the Associated Massage & Bodyworks Professionals (AMBP), member of the Northeast Holistic Health Assoc (NESHHA) and member of Holistic Options Produce Effects (H.O.P.E). In addition to seeing clients and teaching, I participate at community events, and health fairs.

Marilynn is the author of a new cookbook No Fret Cooking. Her husband Steve, who is a jazz guitarist and taught at Berkeley School of Music for 25 years, wrote music to cook by and dine by which are available on CD to accompany the book.  He will be performing his beautiful music at the market. 

Heather L. Crowley

Art has always been an integral part of my life even though I’m not formally educated in the fine arts.  I grew up surrounded by easels and paint brushes while my mother taught numerous art classes out of our childhood home.  Trained as a physician, I chose pathology as a specialty after being drawn to the beautiful world I experienced under the microscope lens. To deal with the stress of my career I turned to yoga and daily meditation. Unexpectedly, these methods of self-exploration led me to realize I needed to make more time and space in my life to explore my creative path and to share that journey with others. In 2009, I left my pathology practice of six years for a part time position with another group in order to do just that.
So far, I’ve found that the process of creating is a way to reach a meditative, peaceful state.  Through my brush I attempt to explore the natural and mystical world and to capture the spirit of the subject I am painting. I believe the only way to truly know nature and in turn ourselves is to study it, contemplate it, explore each exquisite detail and only then finally, truly recognize it.  Our modern lives have become so overfilled with technology and multitasking that we seem to take for granted the beauty that is all around us and within us. I hope my artwork will serve as a vehicle to remind us and reawaken us to that beauty. I am currently a member of Seacoast Artist Association, Manchester Artists Association, and a juried member of the NH Art Association. My artwork has been juried into state and national art shows and is part of private collections in this country and abroad.  Enjoy the beauty!

Elizabeth J. Foley, EdM, MPH, is the owner of Divine Healing, located in Nashua, NH.
Elizabeth J. FoleyShe is a certified Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapist, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Level 3 Melchizedek Method Practitioner. She holds Master Degrees in Counseling and Public Health from Boston University, and is a doctoral candidate in Metaphysics at the American Institute of Holistic Theology.
She has presented at the 2005 Berkshire Paranormal Conference in North Adams, MA and has appeared on various radio and television shows including Univision Nueva Inglaterra Television and the Liz Walker Show-WBZ-Boston.
As an international Angelologist and spokesperson for the celestial hierarchy, she conducts private angel readings and sessions, and facilitates unique spiritual workshops and programs about angels, psychic development and soul therapy.

Elizabeth formerly enjoyed a successful career in the healthcare field with emphasis on clinical research, and more than 10 years in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Deb Silke will be doing a crystal bowl demonstration at the Healing Arts Market.

Aware of her abilities from early childhood, Deb Silke embraces her calling to intuitively assist people to identify and clear road blocks that are holding them back in life - by guiding you to a personal inner knowledge and strength that has seemed hidden, out of reach or in some way unavailable to you.

Each intuitive session is unique. Whether the clarity you seek is inrelationships, health, finances, career or business, Deb will pinpoint exactly what has kept you from experiencing your best and highest energy, and then help you to easily and gently release it, for good! Often what follows is a wonderful reawakening of your centered personal energy, a re-acquaintance with your own wonderful spirit and what’s truly important to you.
You may engage Deb’s intuitive support to gain clarity


Sessions may be taken in Deb’s healing room in Newburyport MA, and also by telephone from the comfort of your home or office.  A lifelong animal advocate, Deb also offers intuitive sessions to your companion animals and to the horses in your care.

For more information about booking an Intuitive Session with Deb, contact her at or at 978-902-7001.

Reverend Patricia Mayo
My interest in Tarot comes from a longing for understanding. Chronic bouts with serious illness and an early recognition of suffering and mortality set me on the “Seeker’s path. The journey included literal travel, living overseas for six years including several months of study in India. My primary interests are those traditions of long-standing use and reputation. Those studies included astrology, numerology and the world’s religious traditions. I received ordination as an Interfaith Minister at All Faiths Seminary in NYC in 2001.

Forty years of study and practice have resulted in my experience of the 22 Tarot Major Arcana as a “sacred text’. Similar to the written wisdom traditions of the world, except the message is recorded in pictures rather than words. These archetypal images convey a series of life principles that can offer support in making informed decisions. Tarot guides us to greater wholeness and happiness by offering lessons to empower each individual in ways appropriate to current experiences and future hopes.
The Tarot symbols utilize several wisdom systems to help create understanding that can empower life-affirming choices. A reading goes into each card in depth to enlighten your “now” and inform you about how to approach current issues. Often suggestions are made for meditations or homework to do after the reading.

 Annalise Hajer
Annalise is a Spiritual Medium who has been practicing her gift for over six years. She has studied both in the United States and in England at the Arthur Findley College. Annalise has always known that the Spirit world existed yet it wasn't until she began communicating with those who have passed over that she realized the profound healing and guidance that they bring. It is with joy and humility that she brings through recognizable evidence and meaningful messages so that those in this world are touched by the love from those on the other side.  

About Pyramid Creations and the Artist, Jay Harris

Jay has been working with crystals, crystal healing and meditation for many years. As a request from a friend, Jay was asked to make some Orgonite spheres for use in a garden to enhance the growth of herbs and plants, and as tower busters to create positive energy and harmony on her property. After doing some research about Orgonite, he created the first spheres and started putting them to work with some amazing results. As time went on, he experimented with different resins, shapes, crystals and metals to perfect and create the beautiful and artistic “Orgone Transformers” that will bring helpful and healing properties to those who have them. His work continues to evolve as intuitive ideas inspire new designs taking it to the next level. Although Jay offers some standardized shapes and sizes, each piece is a unique and individual handcrafted creation and no two are exactly alike. The costs vary due to the combination of the ingredients and craftsmanship involved. Requests for custom pieces are welcome.

Lisa Ouellet is an Intuitive Psychic Advisor & Certified Reiki Master. She has been doing private readings for several years and has trained with many gifted teachers.  Tuning into her intuition with the help of both her guides and yours, together you will find the answers to the questions you seek.  Lisa is very spiritual and has only your best interests at heart.  She welcomes your questions and will use angel oracle cards for confirmation.

Ramona Garcia, CH.
Professional National & International Psychic & Medium
Hypnotist, Palmistry, Numerology, Spiritual Coach, Faith Healer, Reverend, Parapsychologist, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner, ESP Development Teacher

Office Phone: 603-898-5201

Director and owner of The Open Door, Salem, NH. Ramona is a Professional National and International Psychic, Medium, Hypnotist and Faith Healer who lectures on success motivation, parapsychology, faith healing, hypnosis, NLP and the powers of the subconscious mind.

Ramona was State Director of Silva Mind Control in NH for eight years. She participated in the Anthony Robbin Mastery Program and other self-development programs.

For the past 40 years, Ramona has been lecturing, healing, doing intuitive medium readings, hypnosis coaching and empowering the lives of many people.

Ramona has been a Faculty Member of the The National Guild of Hypnotists' Annual International Conference for the past 23 years. She was nominated " Woman of the Year" by the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, and Received The National Guild of Hypnotists' Achievement Award and The Braid Award.

She was chosen one of the Top Ten Psychics in the World for health predictions two years (1989 & 1990) in a row by Globe Magazine.

Current services:
 Intuitive & Medium readings, Tarot readings, Hypnosis, Healing, Palmistry, Numerology and Spiritual Coaching.

Marlene Mercedes, CH., M.Ed.
Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, IET Master Instructor, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Angel Reader, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Coach, ESP Development Teacher

Office Phone: 603-898-5201 

A naturally gifted Intuitive Medium. Compassionate and empowering spiritual teacher.

Reiki Master and IET Master Instructor.

Has a private practice and teaches healing, hypnosis, Past-lives regressions, intuitive development and mediumship.

Assists many to become aware of their own divinity and continue to connect people with loved ones who have passed on.

A Graduate of the James Van Praagh Mediumship Intensive Program, and The Silva Mind System and other self-development and healing programs.

A Faculty Member of the The National Guild of Hypnotists' Annual International Conference for the past 8 years.

Has a Master of Education with emphasis in Counseling.

Certified Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Current services:
 Intuitive & Medium Readings, Angel Readings, Tarot readings, Past-lives Regression, Healing, and Spiritual Coaching.

Shannon Shedd is a Spiritual Consultant. She will be offering tarot readings, palmistry, numerology, handwriting aura sketches, and spirit communication. .

Sheila Clark

I will be providing Psychic/Mediumship and Intuitive Card readings at this inspiring event . . . . filled with insight, and conveyed with compassion and empathy!
Hope to see you there!

Attune - Harmonize Your Life

Who's Got The Bag?
My wine bag project expanded to something that connects me to my best friend from childhood who passed away in 2008.

Yvonne and I met in high school.  We shared an immediate sense of kindred spirits and remained close into college and beyond. In 1992 I completed my doctorate degree.  Yvonne gave me a gift in a decorative paper gift bag.  The To/From tag was stamped with the paw prints of her pets.  That bag stood out for me so much so that  the next time I gave her a gift I placed it in that same bag returning the bag to her with the same paw prints tag, representing my own pets.  Maybe it was the pet connection. Maybe it was the recycling and environmental concerns we both shared.  But that bag went back and forth between us for the next 16 years.  “Who's got the bag?” one of us would ask when we were ready to give the other a gift.  At the time of her passing in 2008, I had the bag which I keep as a reminder of our deep lifelong friendship.

During the blizzard of 2013 I turned 45 yards of cotton fabric in the colors of the chakra system, the energy system of the body, into cloth wine gift bags.  By the time the storm was over a few days later I had completed several sets of the bags representing each of the chakras and they were being sold in local stores.

While working the second chakra though the kinesthetic touch of the fabric and experiencing the visual beauty of the colors of the fabrics, I tapped into my own creative energies.  I expanded the wine bag project to include the creation of a line of cloth gift bags in the colors of each of the chakras called Who's Got The Bag?

Each bag is handmade in Newburyport of 100% cotton.  It has a label describing the chakra it represents and the traits associated with that chakra as well as a link to the blog where you can learn more about the chakra system.  I have also attached a two sided To/From label so that you may share your own Who's Got the Bag? with someone you love.
A percentage of the proceeds of sale of these bags goes to charity.          

Mystic Dream Center

Susan Morgan
Susan Morgan is a certified dream teacher,  workshop leader, shamanic practitioner, intuitive/medium, holistic healer, visual artist, writer ( The Power of Dreams; Dream Tools for Navigating Your Life and former host of the TV show: The Mystic Dream Show. She is also the Connecticut representative for The International Association for the Study of Dreams; IASDShe is the founder of the Mystic Dream Center, and works both privately ( by appointment) and with groups.
A lifetime of very strong dreams compelled Susan to learn how to understand her dreams.  Years ago, many of her dreams had a Native American theme.  For one year, three Native women came nightly into her dreams and taught her detailed plant medicine.  Susan did extensive genealogical research that led to her deepen her knowledge of her Native ancestry; Abenaki and Huron.  Unfortunately she did not chronicle the plant medicine information, unaware of the value of this enormous gift.  If she had these dreams today she would have written a book on their information.  For now, it is stored deep within her.
Susan has found healing in her dreams and enthusiastically shares this knowledge in her classes and workshops, as well as privately. She has seen miracles happen in the lives of those she has taught to remember this ancient ‘lost’, or better put ; forgotten, art.  The natural result of understanding our dreams and taking action on them is transformation.
Susan passionately believes that we can better direct out own lives and in that process create a better world for us all. Our nightly excursions to the Dreamworld  teach us how to heal our bodies and Souls.  Our Soul dialogues with us in our Dreams!   Let us create dreaming communities that can grow a brighter vision for each other and connect us with our larger story and purpose!

Angie D’Anjou has been a Spiritual Consultant for over 40 years.  Her experience and connection with spiritual guides and angels helps Angie to offer true positive guidance to individuals utilizing her intuitive abilities.  Angie utilizes a variety of methods and tools when obtaining messages for a client.  She works with The Enchanted Tarot, Angel Guidance, Tea Leaf Readings, as well as connection with deceased loved ones utilizing her Psychic Medium abilities.  She is known for her accuracy in obtaining solid guidance for those who may be having unresolved issues and are not sure of which way to turn next.  Angie is a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher as well as a Shamballa Master and a Meditation Coach.  In addition Angie offers Past-Life Regression and Akashic Record Journeys utilizing Hypnosis.
After many years in business management and corporate sales, Angie opened her Holistic and Spiritual Practice, “Heart of Spirit Healing” in 2001. Angie has created her own community television production “Awakening Moments with Angie D’Anjou”,  and she has been a guest speaker on a few Talk Radio Spots in the New England Area.  At the present time she is the proprietor of “Center for Awakening” located in Hudson, NH. At her center Angie offers her usual services as well as a large variety of workshops pertaining to the psychic, metaphysical, and spiritual world. Angie is well known for her Enrichment Classes which help people to understand specific tools and energies utilized in the spiritual growth of a person.  Classes include Numerology, Personal Year Numerology, Psychic Development, Pendulum Studies, Automatic Writing, Tea Leaf Readings, Aura Studies, Chakra Basics, Meditation Basics, and an array of several other offerings.  As an Event Specialist Angie performs Psychic  home parties, Fund-Raising Events, as well as Wedding Ceremonies, House Blessings & Sage Clearings. All services  including Phone Reading Consultations are available by advance registration only.  Angie may be reached at 603 321-4818 or by visiting her website

Lisa's Wire Creations




Renee Jacques of Southwest Creations will be selling her beautiful pendulums and hand-made leather pouches and powerful crystal generators.

About Renee:
Ever since I can remember, I have felt that everything this beautiful planet produces naturally, has an energy, and that if we take the time we can tap into it. From blades of grass to drops of water, we can all mingle our energies and create a more positive environment. Maybe because I grew up on a street named Rocky Hill, or that I lived close to Sedona Az., or because I have collected stones from all over the world, I have always been the most interested in what I think is the most powerful ways to connect physically and spiritually with God, crystals. I have taken that love of the earth and worked with it to develop one of a kind pieces that I try to match with peoples need for greater spirituality.
So over the years I have grown tremendously through these wonderful works of nature, and I want to offer that enlightenment to everyone.

Stacey Smith, B.A. RMT, NLPP
Intuitive Psychic & Medium Readings, Wisdom Card Readings, Flower Essence Cards & Dowsing  

Sessions may use a variety of divination, intuitive and peak performance coaching as well as: Medium ship, Psychic Intuition,Cards, psychometry, pendulum, dowsing rods, some numerology. Phone and Distance Readings and Reiki and consulting.

Naturally gifted Impath, Psychic Medium Reiki Master Teacher, Professional Organizer, Organizing and Spiritual coaching, Add/Adhd coaching, Past Life Reading Coaching, Relationship Enhancement Coach, Flower Essence Practitioner that has been using her gifts to varying degrees and in many different ways for most of her life. She has used her skills and abilities with plants and animals, done spiritual healing and empathic medical intuition in conjunction with Reiki since the mid 90s. She was one of the founding members of the Integrative Medical Alliance. She was the first to introduce Reiki and wellness mindset and healing modalities to mainstream in one of the greater Boston Hospital Networks. She held the Chair as Mind and body Director on the Wellness Board for more than 4 years at the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital and Medical Center Waltham Campus.

She has had a floral, Wedding and Novelties business for more than 13 years. She is bringing her business to its next evolution with new spa products, hand made Alpaca products and jewelry made by herself and the Inca in Peru. Some of these products are made by women artisans in Domestic Violence Shelters using their art as a vehicle to improve their lives. Stacey has been teaching for the last decade predominately on Art and Special Education. She is adding Flower Essences within her business and private practice. She's specializing in working with people with Lyme disease, animals, add/adhd, phobias and hoarders. She offers private readings and coaching which frequently envolves multiple skills and modalities. She teaches classes and workshops as well as private consulting.

Stacey is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Florist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Certified NeuroLinguistic Programing Practioner, Certified Sex Educator, Advanced ESP practitioner, Ordained Minister in The Universal Life Church, Bachelor’s Degree in Art, and Communications.

Welcome to Spirit Light Connection!

Jessica Frost, of Spirit Light Connection, channels information and healing between Spirit and the individual.  With gentle guidance and suggestions, Spirit can assist with your life's journey and aid you through life's challenges while providing healing and nurturing energy from the Universe. 
Types of Readings:
Akashic Record, Angel Oracle, Collective Groups (Power Animal, Fairy, Earth Magick, Goddess, etc.), and Mediumship
Types of Healings: 
Usui Reiki and Melchizedek Method Healing

About Jessica

Jessica  Frost, M.Ed., is an ordained priest with the Order of Melchizedek through Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. and believes in the importance of service to one and all.

She is a Certified Practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process© into the Heart of the Akashic records from the Center for Akashic Studies.  Through divine information shared from the Akashic Records, the client has the opportunity to better understand his or her soul journey and to bring that shared wisdom into his or her daily life.

Jessica is also a Certified Angel Healing Practitioner that connects with the Angelic realm and the client's guardian angels to provide guidance with love and compassion with any issues the client may be facing.

Additionally, she works with other collective groups, such as fairies, goddesses, power animals, and others to provide the client with multiple viewpoints for support and validation.  Last, Jessica is a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner.

Kathleen Wilder offers reflexology foot massage for relaxation, rejuvenation, to improve circulation and to bring the body back into balance.

Reflexology is a science based on the principal that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to all of the organs and glands in the body. Through foot and hand massage Kathleen will help your body to restore a sense of balance and well-being.

Susan Patten is a fully licensed and board certified acupuncturist who enjoys introducing people to the many different aspects of Chinese medicine. Clients learn to recognize what changes in diet, exercise and lifestyle can be made that will lead to profound changes in their lives. Susan graduated from the New England School of Acupuncture in 2002. In addition she studied with Acupuncturist Lonny Jarrett and took his two year Clinical Integration class. She served on the board of the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Society of Massachusetts from 2006-2010.
In our fast paced lives it can be challenging to make the necessary changes to get and stay healthy. At Newburyport Acupuncture we take an interest in your whole health, picking up where Western medicine often leaves off. We pride ourselves on using acupuncture and Chinese medicine to not only improve your current health symptoms,
but to also educate you about how you can live the fullest, most beneficial life that you can in order to keep thriving for as long as you live. 
You feel better, long after the treatment, naturally.
Call 978-465-5036 to set up your initial appointment.

Ann Federowicz recently moved back to the east coast, to Newburyport,  after being in Colorado for 18 years.
After studying for 4 years to become a Classical 5 Element acupuncturist, she has a private practice called "Rivers of Wellness Acupuncture"  located in downtown Newburyport.
Ann is state licensed to practice acupuncture in Massachusetts and Colorado and is board certified by NCCAOM.
She offers her services to individuals who are looking for emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. In her free time, she plays irish fiddle music, dances, practices chi gong and spends time in nature.

Rachel Fern will offering tarot readings as well as her cleansing sprays, copper bracelets and crystals.
Fun Fakes and Funky Findings is the brainchild of Diane Terragni. By combining unusual components that she carefully selects, the results are bold, bohemian and     one-of-a-kind.

Diane never considered herself an artist but always a craftswoman. Today, she demonstrates that the art of jewelry making is a subjective expression of one’s authenticity.

It takes a powerful woman to wear these designs. One who is making a statement that she supports the arts and has the confidence to wear a bold piece.

Diane also collaborates with and supports other local artists by using their original lampwork beads and sophisticated hand forged findings.

New Leaf Botanicals
Kathleen Junge will be selling her hand-made, original herbal products at the healing arts market 

Dr. Jennah Dieter 
Pediatric/Perinatal Certified Chiropractor 
Advanced Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Jennah Dieter, owner of Healthcare Complete, is a licensed Chiropractor specializing in Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractic serving the Newburyport community.dr_jennah_cropped_alone.jpg 

Dr. Jennah Dieter earned her Bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science from Wake Forest University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. During her years at Palmer, she embarked on a chiropractic mission trip to Brazil, where she provided chiropractic care to the under-served people of rural Brazil. After graduation, she ran her practice successfully for 2 ½ years in Bellingham, MA caring for a diverse group of patients, from newborns to pregnant moms, teenage athletes to seniors, and from active dads to busy moms. Wanting to be near the sun and sand, in 2008 she departed from her practice in Bellingham to help optimize the health of families in the North Shore of Massachusetts. 

Dr. Jennah focuses her care on low and moderate force adjusting techniques for families, including children and pregnant mothers. She is a Certified Chiropractic Pediatric practitioner and has completed 180 hours of course work through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association/Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice and the Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics. 
She also provides nutritional counseling using the Nutrition Response Testing technique, which is a unique analysis used to detect nutritional deficiencies and underlying nutritive stress factors. She has an individualized approach and uses a combination of Sacro-occipital techniques, craniopathy, organ reflex manipulation and extremity adjusting to assist in removing interferences to her patient's health expression.

Dr. Jennah is dedicated to providing complimentary community education on health and wellness topics such as nutrition, weight loss, raising healthy children, backpack safety, natural female hormone balance, stress and pain management, and many others upon request and interest. Dr. Jennah Dieter is also a devoted member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, Massachusetts Chiropractic Society, Sacro-occipital Technique Organization USA and the Newburyport Chamber of Commerce.

Bruce Iverson - Asian Brush Painting

Bruce Iverson is an award winning painter who has studied Asian Brush Painting (sumie)
since 1972 with master Chinese brush painters Jean Shen, Ning Yeh, and I-Hsiung
Ju. He has exhibited in group and juried shows throughout the United States and has
had several one-man shows in New England. He has traveled to China for a deeper
understanding of the context of brush painting and is a juried member of the New
Hampshire Art Association. His work is grounded in a three thousand year old tradition
in which the tools, techniques and philosophy of this Asian art form have had a lifelong

Robin Robin Bettencourt, a life-long New Hampshire native, has lived in the most beautiful parts of our state. While in the breathtaking White Mountain region, she took the advice of a transplanted Seacoast native who convinced her to move to Portsmouth. The Portsmouth she put roots down in were still mostly fishermen, artists and no one had heard of condos. She knew she had found home.

Growing up, Robin learned various sewing techniques from her grandmother and mother.  During their sewing sessions, they told her stories of her great aunts who were designers of intricate gowns and custom wedding dresses.  Many of her school days ended with her coming home to stitch up a new outfit for the next day.

Today Robin designs out of her studio in the historic Button Factory in Portsmouth, NH. The Factory is home to many a well known local artists ranging from painters to jewelers to fine woodworkers. Robin specializes in women’s clothing accessories such as cowls, hats, scarves, bags and custom designs.

Why accessories? Because you can always find something that will fit and that will make and bring polish to your look that makes you feel good about yourself - no matter your size or shape: Robinswoods Design will make your look unique.


Northwood Naturals

Northwood Naturals is a family-owned business that offers a
line of truly natural products.

Northwood Naturals' product line was formulated to put nutrients back in the skin that a hectic lifestyle can take away.  We offer a wide range of naturalorganically-derived products from head to toe.

Every , lotion and cream is handcrafted on-site in Northwood, NH.  We use certified , and natural fragrance oils.  You will never find parabens, phthalates, , or alcohol in any of our products.  We are also gluten and soy-free.

We believe in supporting the local economy.  We get our bee's wax and raw honey for our , the raw goat milk for our soaps, and the used in our lotions and creams all from local New England farms.

Giving back to our local community

A portion of Northwood Naturals proceeds are donated to the "Beyond a Rainbow Fund" at Exeter Hospital Center.  Donations help those who do not have .  The program also
provides in-home care and when needed.

Sharon's Granola makes granola for healthy snacking because we believe that snacks should benefit the body's natural ability to process foods made with wholesome organic ingredients

Just over three years ago, Kim Pauley began justkim Accessories on the North Shore of Boston. Initially she was just creating unique hats and handbags as gifts for her daughters and friends. Then she decided to show her wares at a few craft fairs and farmers markets and was excited to find that her offerings were very popular.

Now you can find justkim Accessories in Portland, Maine at 615A Congress Street in the State Theatre Building.

Mind's Eye Naturals
About the Company:
Mind’s Eye Naturals is dedicated to providing you with sophisticated, handcrafted, eco-conscious bath-care and aromatherapy products. We’ve developed four distinct product lines which reflect the four classical elements of water, fire, earth, and air. Our bath care products, including soaps, bath salts, and herbal bath teas can be found within our water line. Candles will highlight our fire line, while earth will be home to our herbal salves. Finally, you will find our aromatherapy sprays in our air line.
We consider ourselves unique in that we create products that are all-natural as well as beautiful, using organic ingredients as often as possible. Most commercial brands sell attractive products that are laden with synthetic materials. At Mind’s Eye Naturals, we’re proud to list each and every ingredient we use so that you, the consumer, are able to make mindful decisions about the products you purchase from us.
We invite you to experience our natural, carefully-handcrafted, beautifully-designed, and eco-conscious bath care products. We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do!

About Charlene:

There is nothing in life I enjoy more than learning. After college, I quickly realized I just couldn’t get enough. I’ve always been creative, artistic, and crafty. I simply love problem solving. Over the years, I’ve studied Psychology, Graphic Design, Photography, Aromatherapy and Herbalism. I’m currently in the second level of an intensive herbal apprenticeship.

I taught myself soap making in 2011 and the rest just followed suit. Since then, I’ve been unstoppable. I’d love to share my products and education with a greater audience and welcome any and all questions or comments about my products or healthy living in general. 


Donna Marbet - Puppets

I started making puppets as a child. Now I create many types; finger puppets, 20 characters of Hand and Rod puppets, and sometimes parade size puppets. I also teach my craft to children and adults. I am evolving into a puppeteer, which I intend to retire into.
My standard line of puppets have faces made of stoneware that are hand painted. Their bodies are usually made of fleece or velveteen fabrics. Rod puppets have 3 wood control sticks. My latest endeavors are polyfoam constructions. It is light weight and can be made larger than life. I also make what is the "Puphat", a hat which is also a puppet.


Pam McKay
I grew up on the North Shore of Massachusetts in the fishing town of Marblehead. From the earliest age one of my best memories was of going to the local docks, throwing out a drop-line for flounder and watching the local fishermen unload their catch.
I really cherish the memory of my dad bringing me and my sister to Flat Rock beach by Fort Sewall. It was there that I first discovered the true joy of finding a piece of sea glass.
It was easy back then, but not so easy now. Today I continue to hunt for these treasures with my own small child, scouring the New England coast. It is my love of the sea that brought me to this, my business that I now share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


The inspirational setting for Seamack Design is beautiful South Portland, Maine, a semi-precious stone's throw away from Casco Bay and historic Portland Head Light.

Chakra Healing Jewelry 

I am Colleen Macklin, the artist behind the work at Seamack Design. The State of Maine has been my home for my entire life. My inspiration over the past 25 years has been South Portland.

My inspiration comes from the beach, the ocean, and all of nature. I combine this inspiration with my passion for silver and wire work to create my unique, hand woven designs.Semi-precious stones and their connection to the earth and our energies have given me a new voice within my art. I have been studying the healing properties of semi-precious stones for approximately 15 years and have incorporated their meanings into my unique, hand woven jewelry designs.

Bear Spirit Photography
About Kay

Welcome to BearSpirit Photography.... Photography that illuminates
Spirit in the natural world.

I am Kay Bice, a free lance photographer who has been photographing for many years.

My nature work began many years ago as a child with inspired walks in the woods with my grandfather. Over the years I have developed a unique relationship with nature. I am a seeker of the intricacies, nuances, beauty and elusiveness that nature brings to our lives.

Photographing human nature thrills me. It is an honor and a joy to capture the precious moments, the energy, the love, and the light that shines within our human spirit.

My passion for photographing animals and birds comes from my desire to be more like them; free, trusting and clear.

I observe the world of humankind, animals and nature through guidance and intuition using the medium of photography to share what I witness with you. It is my hope that each one of you who experiences my work will travel within your own world and the world around you with a more
sensitive eye toward each other and the beauty that surrounds us all.

The photograph is not in the camera, the photograph is in the heart.


Factory Girl - Liz Frame

I Am a one woman operation, working from a small home studio, located in a beautiful coastal community about an hour north of Boston, Massachusetts.

I began designing and making jewelry late in life, as an extension of a bricks and mortar shop I owned and operated for almost ten years.

As a retailer, I was always on the lookout for jewelry and accessories that piqued my interest and stood above the rest. My goal was to offer my customers something they hadn't seen before and couldn't find anywhere else -- something they could fall in love with.

I approach my jewelry with the same intent. It's my hope that each piece will bring as much happiness to you as it has me making it. Enjoy!   --Liz Frame


About Heather
I was born in Southern Africa and grew up in a small town called Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. All my life I had the privilege of being surrounded by artists and musicians infusing the flavor of Africa into my three decades as a textile designer. These influences are woven into the color and design of each scarf so that it truly evolves into a one-of-a-kind creation of wearable art

Barbara Fletcher
 Barbara is an RN who began jewelry making as her children were heading off to college and lives of their own.  She uses handmade lamp work beads, pearls and ceramic beads.
Her family has always collected sea glass locally and it is that love that led to her line of sea glass jewelry.  Recent additions include beach pebble earrings and beach rock pendants. Her husband drills all the holes in the sea glass and stones.
Barbara started silversmithing in 2010 and continues to add new pieces and new techniques as her skills grow.  She always uses sterling silver and gold fill in her wire work.

Margaret B. Russell is a handweaver with over 30 years of experience and a lifetime appreciation of this ancient art.  She grew up listening to tales of ancestral weavers, who brought their trade from County Antrim, Ireland, to her native upstate New York.  Margaret takes pride in her connection with these past weavers and her handwoven pieces reflect a desire to uphold tradition. 

All pieces are woven exclusively of natural fibers with a focus on the timeless beauty of simple functional design.  Several small and very select sources supply Margaret with the natural fibers for her weaving – US grown organic cotton, unbleached linen, wild Tussah silk, “just down the road” alpaca, and heritage wools obtained directly from farmers/breeders to single out a few.   Her floor looms are dressed with these choice fibers, producing heirloom pieces that include tea towels and table runners, scarves and wraps.  Margaret’s specialty is primitive, rare, and threatened British sheep breeds.  She works to promote awareness of their fragile future through research, articles, and presentations, and is weaving an ever-growing, sizable personal collection of “Preservation Wraps” from the wools of these storied breeds.

Margaret weaves in two locations – her home studio in Byfield, part of the small coastal town of Newbury, in northeastern Massachusetts; and her Portland, Maine studio, located in the heart of the city’s Arts District.  For more information please visit

Naturally Dyed Woolen Scarves

Organic Cotton Chenille Towel
Organic Cotton Towels
Alpaca Scarf 
Black Welsh Mountain Wrap
Cotswold Wrap
Unbleached Linen Table Runner

Melynn Allen

I've been a graphic designer, a technical illustrator and a painter for over 20 years, but when I touched clay for the first time, I was thoroughly captivated and haven't looked back since.
Clay is an art form that combines everything I love: the relationship between form and function, design, fine craftsmanship, color and texture. I like the wet clay stage best: the rawness and true nature of the material exposed and the wonderful, supple way the forms feel in my hands.

Once the work goes through the bisque and glazing process, some amount of control is lost. Often things don't make it through the firing, not in the way one hopes anyway. It's always a risk, but that's where Alchemy comes in. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you get something truly remarkable and unexpected, which is another aspect besides the "Zen of Centering" that attracts and holds my attention like no other medium.

The best part of the process is opening the kiln at the end of a firing and taking out each layer of kiln shelves, revealing a treasure hidden underneath and cementing the surprise factor that has captured me.



Kristine Arnold

Welcome to Glass by Kristine. My name is Kristine Arnold and I design and create original stained glass pieces using the traditional lead came method. One of the reasons I developed a passion for glass is because of the unlimited availability of color and texture, and the way light, depending upon its intensity or the absence of it, can change the look of each piece. My other passion is gardening and flowers, and I have combined the two and created my 'bud vase' stained glass pieces.

In addition to designing and producing individual stained glass pieces, I have also restored and replicated Victorian windows, as well as replaced plain glass with stained glass in door panels. I have also designed windows and built bud vase pieces to match specific sizes or color schemes of homes.

Copper Moon Studio

Hi, I'm Beth McKinney and I'd like to introduce you to my work at Copper Moon Studio. 

All my life I have been making artful objects from anything around me  . . . as a young girl weaving sea grasses and dandelions into jewelry or digging clay from the Ogunquit River and crafting rough vessels. And now years after working clay and knowing its qualities intimately, combining it with copper and silver, the pottery and jewelry I create seeks to invite the calming beauty of nature into our homes, to our dining tables, and even to ourselves.

I get lost in the details of the natural world . . . the line of where the ocean meets land, the unfurling of a leaf in spring, the architecture of bare trees in winter. All of this is suggested in the forms and textures of my work, be it a dragonfly in the wall of a garden lantern, the allusion of leaves entwined into a vase, or a swirl of porcelain punctuating flowers of hammered copper that become earrings.

I've always enjoyed the ritual of making and sharing food with family and friends. Offering our culinary creations in handmade serving pieces seems part of that celebration, bringing a bit of art to the table and into our daily lives. Even the simple act of sipping tea seems more comforting in an earthy cup that fits your hands just right. Lunch in your favorite handmade bowl nourishes both body and soul.

All these years later it still amazes me that we start with clay, a lump of earth, and with the right balance of water, air and fire end up with something lovely, something else entirely.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these pages and I invite you to shop my most recent work at one of the many seasonal markets and festivals I attend. A complete calendar can be found by clicking on "Shows & Galleries" above. Studio visits are available by appointment.