Free Lectures/Demonstrations

October 10th Healing Arts Fair

Jessica Marrocco
"Awakening Your Inner Healer"
Helping Yourself and Others

Eliza Goodell, PhD
12:00 Noon
"The Journey of a Lifetime
Going from your Head to your Heart".
The focus will be on EFT--tapping.

Sherryl Comeau
"Sound Balancing With Tuning Forks"

Dorothy will be offering Astrology Readings at the Oct. 10th healing arts fair.

Dorothy Morgan: Master Astrologer and Personal Consultant with over 25 years experience consulting as well as teaching Astrology. Dorothy is also a highly skilled intuitive, Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Healing Practitioner.
She has published and is currently writing a variety of articles for several New Age retail shops, Yoga centers and a multitude of nationally published newsletters as well as her own daily forecasts. She has also been on numerous television and radio shows including New Hampshire Public Radio.
In addition, Dorothy has established a large following over the past five years through her bi-weekly You Tube Astrology forecast videos as well as weekly forecasts for her subscribers/members. Dorothy also offers free New Moon and Full Moon forecasts and monthly Astrological reports found on the forecast page. 

Kristin will be offering holistic healing sessions at the October 10th and November 14th healing 
arts fairs.
Kristin has a private practice, Grateful Spirit Healing, located in downtown Newburyport, MA.

Grateful Spirit Healing is A Natural Healing Clinic that offers
CranioSacral therapy, energy healing, and reflexology sessions at affordable rates.

The combination of these Natural Therapies encourages your body to heal itself on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Kristin also creates natural healing aromatherapy and herbal 

“I have a gentle, heart-centered approach. I connect to your Spirit and I ask it what it needs in 
this moment. I then listen with my hands and with my heart, allowing your healing session to 

Wendy will offer readings at the October 10thth healing arts fair.

Wendy Scott Fletcher

Wendy is a gifted Healer and Channel.

She brings through information about what is going on in your life right now, bringing clarity and understanding.

Messages plus tools you can use are provided to take you to a place of greater calm.

Eliza will be selling her pottery at the and Oct.10th healing arts fair.

Eliza Goodell Pottery

Inspirational Rattles Bookmarks, and Ornaments

Eliza will offer a talk on Oct. 10th:
"The Journey of a Lifetime - Going from Your Head to Your Heart"
She will also have her inspirational pottery for sale.

Eliza Goodell, PhD Psychologist

Eliza Goodell is a Clinical Neuropsychologist with a private practice in Ipswich, MA.

I enjoy helping adolescents and adults find harmony, balance, and joy in their lives. Modalities I am currently using in my practice include IFS (Internal Family Systems) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/tapping). My areas of interest include: adjustment to life transitions, spirituality, Lyme Disease, chronic pain and illness, depression, mood disorders, anxiety, relationship difficulties, loss and grief, parenting issues, substance abuse, ACOA issues, PTSD, 12-step programs, and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, ADHD and Asperger Syndrome.
I have been trained in traditional psychotherapy and neuropsychology, as well as mind-body techniques, energy psychology (EFT/tapping), and a relatively new, non-pathologizing approach to therapy which focuses on parts (IFS). My goal is to establish a safe environment in which clients experience unconditional acceptance. I emphasize collaboration, warmth, curiosity, and compassion.
My goal is to help clients understand themselves more deeply, unburden negative beliefs about themselves, access their own inner resources of love and self-compassion, and experience significant positive shifts in well-being. I regularly attend trainings, workshops, and professional meetings to deepen my understanding and skills in helping my clients.

John will offer herbal consults, products and reiki at the Oct. 10th healing arts fair.

HerbSense  - John Crowley

John is an herbalist and reiki practitioner with a full line of healing products - herbal teas, mists, essential oils, and more. 

John offers herbal consults as well as custom essential oil blends and herbal products to address your specific needs.

He also offers reiki healing sessions. 

John is friendly and knowledgeable. Stop by his booth for the help you need!  

Roberta will be vending at all of the upcoming Healing Arts Fairs.
Artists/Healers for a vendor application email:
To shop for products online go to:
In addition to herbal products, Roberta also has crystals for sale.

Jessica Marrocco

Jessica will offer readings and will be selling her books at the October 10th Healing Arts Fair. Jessica is also offering a talk "Awakening Your Inner Healer - Helping Yourself and Others"

  • Psychic /Intuitive /medium
  • Certified Past Life Regressionist
  • Certified Akashic Record Reader
  • Tarot
  • Tea leaf/Scryer
  • Certified Lemurian Healer
  • Fae Journeyer/shamanic drum
  • Teacher/Life Coach
  • New Life Endeavors: Meditation Journey classes
  • Published Author and storyteller for children and adults 

Many people are searching for answers in their personal lives. Our life experiences are as unique to us as our own personal blue print or DNA. We all have the opportunity to make our lives better and more satisfying. There are many ways to find the answers to your questions. My readings provide one avenue to achieve this goal. Feel free to ask the questions of what may be blocking you from experiencing a more fulfilling life. Break through the unnecessary confusion and questions about your present life purpose.  As an intuitive, I would like to share my gifts of seeing to help you find your answers. 

Stone Sisters will be selling their healing gemstone jewelry at the Oct. 10th fair.

Stone Sisters

Irine will be doing readings every month from Feb through Nov.
Irine Chiu
Irine has been an empath all her life.  She is also clairaudient and clairvoyant.

She offers Angelic Guidance and Mediumship readings through direct channeling and automatic writing. Her mediumship readings are especially helpful to those who desire to reconnect with their departed loved ones.

Irine is available for private consultations at her offices in Natick and Wellesley and may be reached through her website and at 617-418-1147.

Sherryl will offer sound balancing sessions at the October 10th  healing arts fair.

She will also offer a free talk on "Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks"
Energy Works Studio

Sherryl is a Light Worker & Sound Balancing Therapist, offering both Private & Remote Sessions in the Melchizedek Healing Method & Tuning Forks. Sherryl teaches workshops in Sound Balancing w/Tuning Forks to practitioners that wish to incorporate this into their own practices.  She also offers Mini Clinics monthly at Wellness Centers, Yoga Studio's, Fairs & Expo's.

Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks

In addition to her 30 minute lecture/demonstration "Sound Balancing with Tuning Forks", Sherryl will be offering 20 minute sessions at $20 with the Tuning Forks You can schedule appointments in advance, for a specific time that work best for you that day. These tools have been around since the 1600's used for healing along with magnets. They clear the Aura/Etheric field of old built up energy vibrations from traumas, challenges that have left a heavy (ripple/static) vibration in the field. Dense, ripples of energy are lifted in frequency, bringing the body's unique vibration into entrainment or harmony. These event programs are designed to help promote Holistic Health alternatives.

 Laurie Perkins will be doing animal communication readings on October 10th and Nov. 14th.

Ginamarie will be vending art the Oct. 10th healing arts fair.

Once in a Blue Moon Studio

79 State Street, Newburyport, MA 01950

"Reiki and the Art of Healing"

Ginamarie offers:

hand-crafted prayer beads

artisan jewelry

essential oils

angel cards and readings

incense and more.

She also offers reiki healing sessions. 

Danielle Fryer of New England Forever Living will be vending on Oct. 10th.

New England Forever Living

Jan will be vending at the Nov. 14th healing arts fair
Order for the holidays! 

 Jan Lorrey Flowers

Elegant Arrangements for Any Occasion


Jan Lorrey Flowers is a studio specializing in weddings, events, & special occasions with daily deliveries to Newburyport, Amesbury, Newbury, Salisbury, Merrimac & surrounding areas.
Inspired by all things natural, Jan's passion for flowers is evident in the earthy textures, rich colors and extraordinary combinations she uses. With over 30 years in the floral industry, each creation is infused with her love of flowers.

(978) 270 - 5544Call Today

Bard's Bounty

Treasures with a Story

Bard's Bounty will be vending on November 14th.